Bespoke Artworks Tailored to Your Space
Customer-Centric Service Effective management facilitates smooth, successful project execution.
A dedicated project manager will oversee each project and coordinate between our in-house artists and clients, meeting and exceeding expectations. Clients are easily and constantly connected with our team. We make it a priority to provide speedy response to their requests at all times. Our extensive experience and flexible approach allow us to understand the roots of their concerns and ensure a streamlined process of design execution.
Meticulous CraftExcellent craft and technique are the key to producing beautiful artworks.
Good works cannot be copied overnight. It takes time to develop solid craftsmanship. To bring a fine art design to reality, we need excellent craft. Over the decades, Zhengyin Art has established lasting partnerships with top workshops and numerous skilled artisans throughout China and abroad. Together, we have come a long way in gaining invaluable experiences and building deep mutual understanding. Our team maintain close partnership with them through research and development on new crafts and techniques, which guarantees the quality of our artworks and keeps us at the forefront of innovation.
Excellent Quality Our artists are producers themselves while overseeing the entire process.Every detail is examined meticulously.
The artists draw from their knowledge and experience in the industry and select the most suitable craft and materials to ensure smooth execution. When a project enters the stage of production, our artists either become producers themselves or they will oversee the whole production process to make sure all details of final deliveries stay true to the original design.
Price advantage All our efforts are to give our clients the highest cost performance.
We are a one-stop art service provider that integrates design, research and development, production, and installation. Our well-developed production network makes beautiful arts available at a competitive price. In the meantime, the extremely flexible and efficient way of collaborating saves time for the clients. Our annual cost-saving plan aims to save costs in all aspects, from material to packaging and transportation… while staying mindful of the environment.
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